University Of Fallujah

University Of Fallujah

University of Fallujah is organizing a seminar entitled give yourself a Job
Participation University of Fallujah in the seminar held by University of Karkh for Science
The meeting of Prof. Sulaiman Brak Al Jumaili with the electronic team
Updates of Fallujah University in 2018-2019
Visit of the delegation of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to University of Fallujah
The First International Information and Science Conference at Fallujah University
Meeting of the heads and members of the conference committees of the First International league for Information and Science at the University of Fallujah
Agreement between the University of Fallujah and the Ministry of Planning to hold a job workshop and support graduate projects
Opening a New College at Fallujah university which is Applied Science College for the academic year 2018-2019
Opening a New College at Fallujah university which is Applied Science College for the academic year 2018-2019
Starting the International Workshop on the Classification of Arab Universities in Baghdad and Iraq offers participating countries the opportunity to receive Arab students
The adoption of a scientific journal in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine within the global collections
The electronic competitive exam for postgraduate students for the academic year (2018-2019) has been take place in Fallujah University
Fallujah University holds the Iftar banquet for students in the dormitories
President of Fallujah University Prof. Dr. Mohammed Al-Hamdani receives congratulations on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr
The First International Conference on Information Technology at Fallujah University
Meeting of the Committee for the Electronic Competitive Exam for Postgraduate Studies
Head of the University of Fallujah, Dr. Mohammed Al-Hamadani, inspecting the progress of the final exams
The Guidance Center for Postgraduate Students
Dr. Abdul Salam Mohammedi offers a scientific presentation in nanotechnology at the University of Fallujah
Congratulation of the President of Fallujah University Prof. Mohammed Al-Hamadani on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan
Director of Operations at the Central Bank of Iraq Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mohammed Dagher delivered lecture on monetary policy at the University of Fallujah
Department of Media and Public Relations at the University of Fallujah honors the best film director directed by the director of the university channel space Dr. Nada Abedi
Faculty of Medicine at Fallujah University holds its first scientific student conference
"University of Fallujah holds its third scientific conference entitled "Challenges of Higher Education and the future of Educational Institution
Zain Iraq honors excelling students at the University of Fallujah
Acknowledgments from the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research
President of the University of Fallujah (Prof. Mohammed Al-Hamdani) representative of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research at the Conference of the Faculty of Knowledge University
(2017-2018)College of Islamic Sciences holds a graduation ceremony for the academic year
Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al Abadi visits the University of Fallujah
The President of University of Fallujah participates in the annual meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Council of the Federation of World Universities
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine opens an exhibition of the book and its most important scientific laboratories
The competitive exam of Fallujah University
Women Leadership Development Program
Administrative contracting procedures
Mr. Rector inspected the final exams 2016-2017
Final exams of Fallujah University
Visit the representative of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency
Experience the rehabilitation of Anbar and Falluja Universities
A National Seminar on Combating Corruption - Our Way to Reform
Last News
The department work mechanisms

The department work mechanism  is manifested through the contact between the department plus FU colleges and the provincial or central public institutions in terms of creating a liaison with these institutions and getting them abreast of the department proposed training syllabus and get these institutions nominate a related number of their personnel  for these training program sessions,  in a bid to optimize their technical and professional job performance and elevate their job level to a better footing which results in an optimally serviceable job performance.

The work mechanism also includes the presentation of lectures for the trainees to create an effective bond with the surrounding society .

The work mechanism is also made through the adopting of certain work projects which translate the university goals into reality in accordance with certain priorities that meet certain needs, priorities that contribute to shaping an advanced thinking on higher education in addition to the deployment of modern techniques in higher education.  

The department vision is represented through the offer of these training programs:

  1. Teaching methodologies and educational training programs
  2. Advanced-level training computer literacy (IT/cyber work) training programs.
  3. Basics of formal correspondences.
  4. Computer maintenance training programs.
  5. Performance evaluation training programs.
  6. Leadership skill-enhancement training programs.
  7. English Language skills development training programs.
  8. Arabic Language program (common errors in Arabic).
  9. Virtual library program.
  10. An introductory training program session on public job service (the job holder rights and duties).
  11.  Signing contracts/bids program
  12.  Higher education teaching techniques
  13.  Rules of public  job holder behaviors.
  14.  Concepts of market economy
  15.  Administrative skills development programs
  16.  Conference and symposium management
  17.  NGO concept and management programs
  18.  Photoshop training program
  19.  Document organization, repair and archival program
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